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Theremin Emulators

Simulate the classic theremin sound on your PC

Of course, an emulator can never come close to the real sound of the theremin, but there are some interesting programs to experiment with here. Probably the best emulator available in terms of configurability at the moment is 'Mousing', an emulator that also outputs over MIDI, and allows you perform both staggered glissando and portamento effects.

The most fun emulator is the downloadable BBC desktop theremin, a flash-powered program that allows you to add beats and instrumental loops, and has an animated Professor Theremin who moves with the music.

There's also an excellent online theremin simulator from SPNM at http://www.spnm.org.uk/resources/playground/CLARA.swf

SPNM Virtual Theremin Simulator

This simulator allows the user to record and playback their attempts - its trickier than it seems though!

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A downloadable desktop theremin

Free 30 day trial of 'Mousing' from Sagebrush. This program has the advantage of being highly configurable. You can output your mouse movements via your soundcard's wave output for that traditional theremin sound, or you can 'play' over MIDI, making this program a fun alternative controller...

Theremin Simulator

A nice sounding theremin simulator with a good graphic display

Instructions: Press 'Start' to activate. Press 'Left Mouse Button' over grid to play note. On the Grid, Pitch is Horizontal, Volume is Vertical. Updated to V1.5 Help button displays a dialog showing the key assignments. Added Vibrato (pitch) as well as Tremolo (volume) modulations....

The Virtual Theremin

Theremin mimicry using a webcam

The Virtual Theremin aims to mimic the Theremin using just a computer and a cheap web camera. It tracks the hands of a performer around a picture of a Theremin superimposed on the video stream.

The positions of the hands are then converted to sound that mimics the response of the...

Downloadable Desktop Theremin

Flash Theremin Emulator from the BBC

This seriously groovy theremin emulator from the BBC is fun for all ages. Add beats and zany effects, whilst Professor Theremin plays along.

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