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Clara Rockmore, commenting on Film Music and the ThereminClara Rockmore
MP3 141 KB
Song of GrusiaClara Rockmore
MP3 1747 KB
Lover Come Back to Me, 1930
MP3 2647 KB
Strutting with Clayton � Samuel Hoffman
MP3 1456 KB
Dr. Robert Moog gives a radio interview
MP3 781 KB
Doug Forbes Tube Theremin Sample
MP3 268 KB
Polyphonic AetherphonLeon Theremin
MP3 1650 KB
Spellbound Concerto � Miklos Rosza
MP3 792 KB
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.
MP3 306 KB
The Green Hornet
MP3 154 KB
Gort � Samuel Hoffman � Bernard Herrman
MP3 297 KB
Prelude � Samuel Hoffman � Bernard Herrman
MP3 241 KB
Space Control � Samuel Hoffman � Bernard Herrman
MP3 194 KB
The Lost Weekend � Miklos Rosza
MP3 388 KB
It Came from Outer Space � Samuel Hoffman
MP3 162 KB
Samuel Hoffman � Samuel Hoffman
MP3 3600 KB
Lunette � Samuel Hoffman
MP3 1205 KB
Music for Peace of Mind � Samuel Hoffman
MP3 972 KB
In a Monastery GardenLennington Shewell
MP3 3226 KB
'Storm Breaks' from 'Alone' (Odna) � Dmitri Shostakovich
MP3 453 KB
Oxygene 10 Live in Moscow � Jean Michel Jarre
MP3 1106 KB
You're Driving Me Crazy (1930)Lennington Shewell
MP3 2844 KB
Ed WoodLydia Kavina � Howard Shore
MP3 208 KB
Dancing with Tears in My EyesLennington Shewell
MP3 2639 KB
Lo Que Vendra
MP3 3550 KB
The Silver Swan
MP3 3497 KB

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