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The theremin has grown enormously in popularity in the UK over the past few years, and is home to some excellent thereminists.

 The first exposure of the theremin to the UK was when Leon Theremin gave a lecture-concert as he was en-route to America. This is an area which does require some further research, but he undoubtedly wooed cultured UK audiences with his 'ether-music'.

The first UK thereminist of note was Musaire, though he appears to have been more of an all round vaudeville entertainer than thereminist, though he did play his instrument all over the UK, and in the Royal Albert Hall. 

The theremin is currently championed by Bruce Wooley of the Radio Science Orchestra. The RSO is a collective of musicians, whose line-up changes from concert to concert, and features Bruce Woolley and Lydia Kavina on theremin. Bruce also regularly makes radio and TV appearances to promote the theremin on a local and national basis.

In TV and Film, sadly the UK lacks behind the US, though the 'Midsomer Murders' TV series features the theremin playing of British thereminist Celia Sheen in its theme and incidental music to great effect.


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UK Etherwave Pro Theremin on eBay

MOOG ETHERWAVE PRO THEREMIN FOR SALE IN THE UK Visit on eBay The Etherwave Pro is a professional quality theremin featuring classic theremin sounds, excellent playability housed in a beautiful eye-catching cabinet. It is designed as a solution for the gigging musician who wants the best theremin available in a portable package. The Etherwave Pro also won the 2005 Excellence In Design Award (EID). This bold, beautiful theremin is designed for the gigging musician. Drawing on his 50 years of experience, Bob Moog has designed the next step in the evolution of the original electronic instrument, the Theremin. The Etherwave Pro is a step up both from the best-selling theremin of all time, the Etherwave Standard. The Etherwave Pro features professional quality response and sound in a package designed both for beauty and portability. Whether you're a seasoned thereminist or someone drawn to it's unusual sound and looks, you'll appreciate the quality of response and control this product offers. Moog theremins are real attention getters on stage - whether it's a Nine Inch Nails concert or the current Motley Crue concert (Etherwaves have been seen and heard on both tours) - the audience will be captivated by the instrument that allows the musician to "pull music from the ether". The Etherwave Pro features removable pitch and volume antennas. The Pitch range of this instrument extends to 6 1/2 octaves. Both Volume and Pitch antenna response are tuned from the wooden pitch and volume knobs as well as the fine adjustment trim controls at the bottom of the front panel. The front panel controls include a range switch which allows for choosing one of three octave ranges. The Timbre rotary switch is used to select one of the five preset timbres (classic theremin tones) or enables the front panel Waveform, Brightness, and Filter controls, which...
View full article... Posted October 19, 2011, by Richard

Theremin on the One Show

Lydia Kavina Yesterday (17th May), Lydia Kavina made an appearance playing theremin on the One Show. UK residents can watch the programme on the BBC website for the next six days.
View full article... Posted May 18, 2011, by Richard

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