Moog Ethervox MIDI Theremin

Moog Ethervox MIDI Theremin

The world's only production model MIDI theremin
Played by Pamelia Kurstin Charles Richard Lester

    Manufactured by Moog Music from 1998
    Not Currently in Production

Since the 1920�s the theremin has intrigued people with its space-controlled, highly expressive sound. Now you can have a theremin that combines classic tone and playability with the latest music technology -- the world�s first MIDI theremin: The Ethervox.

On stage, in the production studio, or in your home music room the Ethervox performs in the tradition of the finest musical instruments. The visual appeal of its unique hand-crafted and hand-finished mahogany cabinet perfectly complements the instrument�s carefully crafted state-of-the-art circuitry. Antenna response has been adjusted to give the best possible combination of range and playability. Three specially designed tone color controls enable you to tailor the sound quality to your music.

The Ethervox integrates easily into any MIDI studio or stage setup. Several menu options let you match your Ethervox�s MIDI data to the other resources of your MIDI setup. Many MIDI sequencers provide editable high resolution graphic displays of pitch bend and control change data streams, which enable you to use standard techniques to modify your MIDI recording. The Ethervox�s MIDI data can be played back through the Ethervox itself, or through any MIDI sound generator that is capable of wide-range pitch-bend. Thus you can create a virtually limitless array of dramatic and expressive continuously varying musical gestures simply by moving your hands around the Ethervox�s antennas, and you can fine-tune each gesture once you�ve recorded it in your sequencer.

The Ethervox�s front panel provides convenient access to all controls, switches and MIDI parameters, and any connections to external equipment are taken care of with the aid of this 'patch' box.

Antenna circuits use large, high-efficiency air-core antenna inductors
Faithfully recreates the playing characteristics of Leon Theremin�s instruments
Choice of three pitch ranges: TENOR (up to 2 octaves above middle C), ALTO (3 octaves), or SOPRANO (4 octaves)
Produces any pitch from the individual pulses of subaudio frequencies to the highest note of the selected range
Produces volume range from complete silence to full volume
MIDI circuitry generates continuous data that specifies the tone�s pitch and volume
Pitch is transmitted as a stream of �pitch bend� messages
Volume is transmitted as a stream of �master volume� messages
Both streams updated at a player-selected rate of 10-200 times per second, 7 or 14 bit resolution
Any MIDI channel may be specified
Tone color presets may be transmitted or received by MIDI program change messages
MIDI circuitry generates continuous data that specifies the tone�s pitch and volume
Three continuously-variable timbre control knobs: WAVEFORM (predominant overtones), BRIGHTNESS (overall strength of overtones) and FILTER (how rapidly overtones decrease with higher pitches)
Varying tone colors from traditional theremin timbre, to flutelike, string-like or voice-like quality
Digital memory allows storage and retrieval of your own settings
Operates on any power voltage without having to be switched or modified
Both balanced and unbalanced line level audio outputs
Power amplifier for driving a small practice or performance speaker
Pitch and volume control voltage outputs
MIDI-IN and MIDI-OUT receptacles
Components mounted for easy service access
Matching stand disassembles for storage and shipping

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