Junior Theremin - Musical Electronic Kit

Junior Theremin - Musical Electronic Kit

    Manufactured by Apogee Kits
    Currently in Production
    Pitch only theremin
Junior Theremin works in two modes - continuous and discrete. When you first connect the battery Junior Theremin is in continuous mode. Pressing both pushbuttons together switches between continuous and discrete modes.

Junior Theremin can operate in two modes. Discrete or continuous. Discrete mode, as its name implies, plays individual or discrete notes rather than a continuously variable tone. Eight notes over a single octave are available.

In discrete mode the two pushbuttons change the octave of the notes. The left-hand pushbutton (marked -) lowers the octave, and the right-hand pushbutton (marked +) raises the octave. The pushbuttons only change the octave so long as they are pressed.

In continuous mode the pushbuttons have no effect.

To save your battery, Junior Theremin will go to sleep when it is not being used (but it is a good idea to remove the battery anyway when you will not be using it for any length of time). Press either pushbutton to re-awaken the Jr. Theremin.

Junior Theremin - Kit Specifications

* Junior Theremin PCB dimensions 2" x 2" (5.08cm x 5.08cm)
* Power supply 9V battery (not included)
* Junior Theremin electronic kit assembly is required
* A really great educational gift !

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