Lydia Kavina - Theremin Virtuosa (1967 - )

Lydia Kavina (1967 - )

Theremin Virtuosa

The relationship between Lydia and Lev is this: Her mother's father was Lev's first cousin. Lydia's late mother was an accomplished player in her own right--a protegee of Lev's many years ago. But when little Lydia came along, she outshone her mother, and Lev took a special interest in her musical development. -Olivia Mattis

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Spellbound: Theremin

Original Works for Theremin (Download)

Suite - 1. Andante

Free Music #1 For Four Theremins

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Lydia Kavina

Theremin on the One Show

Yesterday (17th May), Lydia Kavina made an appearance playing theremin on the One Show. UK residents can watch the programme on the BBC website for the next six days.
By Richard. Posted May 18, 2011 Read More


Lydia Kavina Plays 'Clair de Lune'
Ed Wood
MP3 208 KB
Orchestra makes music from thin air

In Film

Ed Wood
Wo ist Erkan Deriduk (Germany)
The Machinist
Theremin : An Electronic Odyssey


Russia Find out more about the Theremin in Russia


Mastering The Theremin
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A combined DVD of Moog's theremin videos - "Mastering the Theremin" with Lydia Kavina and "Clara Rockmore - World's Greatest Theremin Virtuosa"
Lydia Kavina - Official Site
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Lydia Kavina's website, with details of forthcoming events, masterclasses, lesson details, as well as details of her performances to date.


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