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Simple Theremin

Everyday Practical Electronics
Jake Rothman September 1995

This is a transistor theremin published in Everyday Practical Electronics by Jake Rothman. Check their site to see if a back-issue is available. Another option is to download the full article in PDF format from Thereminworld. This is a pitch only design. Clear construction details, good for DIY novices.

Modified E.P.E. 1995 theremin
circuit diagram (gif 82k)
This is a transistor theremin originally published in Everyday Practical Electronics by Jake Rothman, with pitch control only. I found it on www.lynx.bc.ca/~jc/pedals.html. This is a modified version of the E.P.E. 1995 theremin plan. I don't know what has been modified. The author says it has a nice tone, perhaps it's what you're looking for if you don't need a volume control. The diagram is rather large, but i found the text become unreadable when scaling it down, it's best viewed printed.

Simple Theremin Project designed by Jake Rothman, reproduced from Everyday Practical Electronics magazine (ISSN 0262 3617), Vol. 24 No. 9, Sept. 1995 issue, with the express permission of Wimborne Publishing Ltd., Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom. (C) Copyright Wimborne Publishing Ltd. 1995. Copyright in all drawings, photographs and articles published in Everyday Practical Electronics is fully protected, and reproduction or imitations in whole or in part are expressly forbidden. The Simple Theremin is available by MAIL ORDER ONLY (NO PERSONAL CALLERS) in kit form and ready-built, from Rosedene Audio, Dept. EPE, 23 Ashley Lane, Hordle, Lymington, Hants. SO41 0GB, United Kingdom. Phone (+ 44) (0)1425 610849.

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