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An authentic RCA Theremin in some close up shots

Shayne 2004

This is the rare 1929 RCA AR-1264 Theremin that sold for US $12,779.34 on Ebay on May 27, 2004. Includes what appears to be an original era speaker (see pics). The RCA Theremin AR 1264 had less than a 500 unit original production run in 1929 and less than 300 are known to survive.

This particular RCA Theremin AR-1264 has been off the market for over 50 years. It has been with the last owner for over 30 years and was recently put up for sale at his estate. Inside of cabinet has original label that reads: Manufactured by Jamestown Mantel Company, Jamestown, NY. It also has the original RCA label on the backside of the door that is in excellent condition (see pic). All tubes except one that needed replaced our thought to be original. The replacement is of the correct type and was replaced before I purchased the Theremin. The Theremin warms up quickly and to the best of my knowledge plays as it was intended to. It makes a range of sounds and the Volume Loop and Pitch Rod make the changes as designed. The Volume Loop and Pitch Rod are original and in great shape. Original cabinet, legs, and all related hardware in super condition. All door latches and hardware in great shape and look to be original. All original switches and knobs in excellent condition and work well. The small red "pilot" light glass is missing (the mechanical part of the "pilot" light looks to be intact and in good condition (see pic) but is missing the bulb and red glass insert). Interior and chassis are really clean and just show light normal wear for age of piece. Pictures tell the story on that one. The electrical cord is not original. The interior cabinet and components are completely original and unrestored. Chassis is marked with serial number 100211. The serial number on the bottom of the doors is to faint to make out. I have tried and tried but cannot get an honest read off of the bottom of the cabinet doors. The exterior of the cabinet of this Theremin was refinished professionally as commissioned by the previous owner. It is lighter than the original color.The exterior finish is in beautiful condition. The interior of the cabinet and the back of the doors retain the original factory finish and RCA AR-1264 Label. The legs are tight, original, wobble free and in excellent condition. Speaker is mounted on what appears to be original plywood and has a "chicken wire" grille. No Cabinet. The cone of the speaker looks undamaged and it plays fine. It is a little dusty. See pictures for speaker details. Speaker is stamped or engraved "Made In The United States of America". Also a decal on speaker that reads "Magic Magnet Speaker" and "CC" which stands for Cina.......Corp. I can't make out the rest of the "Cina" part because of wear on the decal (see pic). Anyone who has longed for an original working RCA AR-1264 will probably not get many opportunities to find one in this clean and working condition.

Many thanks to Shayne for permission to reproduce these pictures and the writeup.

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